Mindfulness Coaching
What is Mindfulness Coaching

In the humdrum of our daily lives it is becoming increasingly difficult to live in the present moment and savour our thoughts, actions, feelings, senses, etc. Many people often live in the past or future or both and neglect to live in the present where it counts the most. As a result people are increasingly living unhealthy lives and stressful lives not having any tools or coping mechanisms to live mindfully.

As a mindful coach I will consult with you over a set of sessions to firstly understand where you are currently in your life and how that is impacting you either negatively or positively and then to work through the issues by giving you tools to work with in your everyday life.  It is about healing you from the inside out and that means that there is a lot of self-work that will be required to bring yourself to the optimum level of mindful and happier living.

For a more holistic and well-being lifestyle it is necessary to be more mindful in all that we do.

Mindful coaching is not only for individuals but for groups as well and in corporate settings.


Helps you to have greater control over emotional responses and reactions to outside circumstances. By learning to deflect self-inflicted damage from negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours a person is able to lead a much healthier and self-directed life.


60 minutes


Initial consultation R450

Thereafter R350 per session

Minimum of 6 sessions recommended.