Animal Communication
What is Animal Communication

Fur babies are precious to say many people and often it is difficult to really understand them on a deeper level. Yes, we can discern their barks, or different cat sounds to understand their immediate needs but sometimes we cannot explain when they behave strangely and out of the norm. Or perhaps you want to know how you can help them if they are unwell, or get to know their likes and dislikes or worries and concerns. Or you want them to know if there will be changes and to make sure they understand and to ease them into this, especially if there is a move to another house or country or whatever the situation may be. Sometimes, we can talk to our animals when we want them to change some type of behaviour. Like, wanting your cat to go outside rather than use the litter box after some time and does not display this behaviour.

Communicating with nervous animals is also a way of showing them love and making them understand that they are in a good place. This sometimes helps them to just feel more at ease and at peace.

There is in essence really so much that you can do with animal communication and it fosters such a deep understanding between you and them.

Animal communication is done telephathically and all I need is a photo, name and age of the animal and of course any questions that you may have.

Please note that sometimes the animal may not connect immediately and we have to respect them and try again. Also, animals may want to talk but not always necessarily answer your questions but may have something else they want to say. Like everything we have to honour and respect them.


Helps resolve animal behaviour problems and out of the norm behaviour
Better understand your animal’s behaviour and work around them to resolve to a happy medium
Deepen the connection, love, affection with your animal
Understand what your animals needs are if they are ill and how to best help them
Creates feelings of security and calm if your animal is anxious or has been abused in the past
Discover your animal’s past especially if they are displaying behavioural problems, stress, anxiety, nervousness and depression


Sessions vary as some animals talk more than others, so there is not a set session duration.


R300 per animal per session.

R450 animal communication and healing combo.