Antaneea Massage

An Antannea Massage is a full body massage that heals on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

The body is massaged three times with 13 beautifully scented colour oils holding the body in a nurtured and safe space. The body is then balanced with sound therapy before moving onto the chest, face and ears.By applying the senses of touch, colour and sound, this treatment resonates directly with our DNA.

This massage technique can be used on adults and children of all ages. This session will bring about deep relaxation and peace. Slowly and with ease you begin the journey back to feeling the joy of being alive and finding your Soul Path. After a session you will be given an oil to support you at home until your next session. In this session you will feel nurtured and supported throughout.


Works through trapped emotions to release them
Heightens spiritual awareness
Is physically therapeutic
Heals the body from the inside out


2 hours


R600 and includes a mini light matrix oil bottle to take home

Antaneea Angelic Massage

This is a very sacred massage and follows on from an Antaneea Massage or can be done stand alone.

Soft brushes will be used to stroke your body from head to toe and then your body is anointed with the Angelic oils while a web of light is woven around your aura.


Takes your healing journey to a whole new level


75 minutes


R550 and includes a mini Angelic oil bottle to take home

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage or ‘Champi’ as commonly known in Hindi, originates back to India thousands of years ago from a tradition of family grooming. Mothers of the time used to massage their daughter’s hair with different oils so they would have beautiful, silky locks.

It has since then been formalised as a massage technique used world wide.

An Indian Head Massage covers the head, hair, neck, shoulders and upper back.  A massage over the face and ears is included as part of the treatment. Aromatherapy oil blends are used and can be specifically blended for different customers and their needs. The oils not only nourish the head and hair but also relieve stress and tension. Accupressure points are also stimulated during the treatment and helps bring the body back to balance.

As an added benefit I include Himalayan hot stones.


Treats tension headaches and migraines
Relieves tinnitus and other ear problems
Helps with hair loss and thinning
Helps with muscle tension and stiffness
Relieves eye strain and sinus
Alleviates stress, anxiety and depression
Improves sleep especially if one is suffering from insomnia


30 to 45 minutes



Aromatherapy Massage

Touch is very nurturing, and combined with aromatic oils this creates an holistic full body massage treating the body to relax and rejuvenate.

Essential oil blends can be mixed for any condition and used externally on the body.

I do make some natural essential oil products on request.


Reduces stress

Relieves anxiety

Calms and relaxes

Eases muscle tension

Aids in pain relief

Reduces feelings of depression


60 minutes