What are Attunements

Attunements are meditations that brings a person towards enlightenment and raises their sprirual vibration. These shifts are phenomenal if you are a practicing healer or if you are doing it solely for yourself. After an attunement you will feel a heightened sprirutal connectedness depending on where you are on your spiritual journey. Not only will an attunement bring you closer to the spiritual realms of the divine but it will also help you heal where you need to.

Attunements can be done one on one in person, in a group setting and distantly. With each attunement comes a manual, a certificate and registration with the Lightarian Institute.

Lightarian AngelLinks attunements

Connects you to the Angelic realm and attunes you to Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Raphael.
You will feel a shift in your connectedness to the Angelic realm and communication to these angelic beings will be heightened.

Lightarian Purification Rings attunements

Create powerful connections with the Seraphim, a specialised angelic team who have stepped forward to assist humanity in their evolution and expansion of their energetic vibration. They come with qualities of unconditional love, wholeness, harmonisation, beauty and bliss and want to pass these on within your energy fields.

Lightarian Ascension Bands

Are sacred levels of the higher vibrational bands of the divine Buddhic energies. There are eight bands of buddhic energies to help increase your self-actualisation process resulting in meaningful and joy-filled interactions. These attunements are also known to increase intuition and manifestation in your overall life path.


AngelLinks – 1 day
Purification Rings – 3 days
Ascension Bands – 3 days


AngelLinks – R1500 per person
Purification Rings – R1800 per person
Ascension Bands – R1800 per person