Flower Remedies
What are Flower Essences

Each flower has its own unique characteristic and healing essence that is extracted for use in healing, body, mind, emotions and soul. Flowers carry high vibrational life force energy and therefore have these healing properties and work on the energy body or field of a person. The flower essence remedies ultimately heal a person’s emotional and mental states as the root cause.

Flower essence blends are personalised for each individual as everyone is different and their needs are unique to them. The effect will also differ from person to person. Because the flower essences work on a person’s energy field, the shifts do take time and may be subtly felt although some may feel this shift quickly depending on their sensitivity to it. After 4 weeks of taking the flower essence blend, it can be reassessed.

Essences are self-regulating so there is never a danger of taking too much of it.

I am a Stockist of Serenity Natural flower essences and sprays.


Heals the body energetically through the aura and chakras and also heals the cells of the physical body. It therefore raises the vibrational frequency of the life force energy within the body on mental, emotional and spiritual levels.


1 hour consultation


R350 includes dispensed flower essence blend